Professional AC compressor repair can save you from a stuffy building filled with hot air, making your environment unbearable. Family members can’t breathe and workers can’t think. If your air conditioning system is not functioning properly, then air conditioning compressor replacement may be necessary. Trust the experts at Air Conditioning Repair NYC. AC compressor repair is one of our specialties.

Cool, Comfortable Space All Year Round

Residential and commercial air conditioning provides a healthy and comfortable environment for living and working. Many New York apartments and buildings have very poor air flow, which can be worsened by hot, humid summer days. A properly functioning AC compressor creates a pleasant environment in all types of weather all year round.

The summer heat can be especially tough on the young and elderly. Workers also need a cool environment to enable them to focus. When employees are thinking about the heat, they will struggle to concentrate on their jobs.

ac compressor repairCommon AC Compressor Repair Problems

The AC compressor is usually located outside to collect air for cooling. As the name suggests, this apparatus compresses the air to make it easier to cool. It sends this compressed air past the AC refrigerant for cooling. It is essential that the refrigerant be in gaseous format to be effective.

A typical AC compressor should last up to ten years or more. Here are some of the most common problems that require AC compressor repair:

  • No refrigerant or refrigerant is leaking
  • Loose or corroded wires
  • Burnt out capacitor
  • Faulty control board
  • Improper location of the HVAC unit
  • Malfunctioning thermostatic expansion valve
  • Loss of lubricating oil

Your air conditioner is a vital machine in hot weather. It is very complicated with strong chemicals that must be handled by a professional technician. Air Conditioning Repair NYC has the certified experts to return your environment to cool and comfortable. We offer 24/7 service with fast response times. When you need AC compressor repair, don’t settle for second-rate fly-by-night HVAC companies, rely on proven professionals. Call us today!

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