ac condenser repairWant to avoid excessive AC condenser repair work? Start by choosing the right AC system. If you have an AC unit that isn’t the right size or offers enough BTU’s for the space it’s supposed to be cooling, your condenser is probably doing more work than it was designed to do. Choosing an air conditioning unit that has enough BTU’s for your room makes a difference whether you are looking to install a simple window unit or central air conditioning.

What Are BTUs?

Most people get confused when it comes to deciphering BTUs (British Thermal Units) and opt for a unit that looks like it might do the job. The BTUs you choose depend on how much space is being cooled. A 400-450 square foot area, for instance, needs approximately 10,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. Even a central system that is too small won’t properly cool a business or home. Turning up the controls only makes your condenser work harder to attempt to cool a space that it cannot realistically cool, which often translates to AC condenser repair.

Measure Your Room First

To get the right unit for the space you want cooled, you will need to measure the square footage of each room that needs to be cooled. If you are going with one unit for an entire home or business, you will need the total square footage for your home or business. If the space you are measuring isn’t a perfect rectangle or square, divide it into sections and combine the measurements.

Compare Energy Efficiency Ratings

The next step in choosing the right air conditioning unit is finding one that is both cost effective and energy efficient. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) indicates how much cool air is produced for each level of energy used by your unit. The higher the rating, the more efficient your system is at cooling the space it is supposed to be cooling. This means that AC condenser repair won’t become a recurring headache.

A final determining factor in cutting down on the need for AC condenser repair is climate. Your AC condenser will work harder if your AC has to run more often to maintain your desired interior temperature. There is nothing you can do about how hot it gets outside. However, a system or unit that is the right size for the space being cooled can save on AC condenser repairs by maximizing your AC’s efficiency.

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