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air conditioning repair nycWhen it come to service for their air conditioners, many homeowners are clueless as to where to begin searching. However, a growing group of NYC residents have discovered that Air Conditioning Repair NYC is a terrific source for a variety of services. They have learned to rely on us to deliver the best air conditioning repair NYC offers. We provide only the best HVAC repair crews in the city. Count on our experienced, certified technicians to provide your home or business with a guarantee of fast response time and 24/7 emergency service for repair of your malfunctioning system.

Your Comfort Is Important To Us

With thousands of providers to choose from, finding the right company can be a difficult process. At Air Conditioning Repair NYC, keeping clients comfortable and safe is our main goal. The local technicians we utilize are knowledgeable about the specialized repair procedures and equipment needed for all makes and models.

Why Use Air Conditioning Repair NYC?

At Air Conditioning Repair NYC, we have a long tradition of quality service behind us. We know the importance of good work ethics and fair pricing. Have you checked out the articles on our site? We want to help you avoid companies who promise the moon but fail to deliver on their promises!

Avoid Freebies When Selecting A Service Company

Our company does not offer free services such as Freon recharging, or free cleaning. These types of bait and switch tactics are something every consumer should be aware of. The price you pay for service provided is based on the prevailing best rates in the area. Remember this: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Is The Work Guaranteed?

Any good, reputable company usually offers an 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We do! Air Conditioning Repair NYC stands behind every job, whether it be it a repair, installation or replacement  for any job big or small. That assurance should bolster your confidence in us. Need more?

Look at the Qualifications

If you need HVAC service, you want technicians that are experienced and licensed. Hire the pros. Don’t take chances with anyone but certified technicians. For additional information about quality air conditioning repair in NYC, please take a minute to review the articles on our website or call us anytime at 646-783-2475

window air conditioner repairDespite their smaller size, window air conditioner units are designed to last for years. However, certain window air conditioner repair issues may prevent the unit from running at its best. Before spending the money to have your unit replaced, consider the following common window air conditioner repair concerns.

Cleaning the Filter

One of the most important aspects of keeping your window air conditioner repair up to date is making sure that your filter is cleaned on a regular basis. Though this is a simple step, many consumers forget to perform this task, which can result in dirt and dust build-up in the filter. Most filters are found when you open the front grille of the unit. Smaller units may feature a filter that slides out from the side of the unit. After removing the filter, replace or rinse the filter if the type of filer allows it. Replacing or cleaning will drastically improve the performance of the unit.

Maintaining the Coils

You are concerned with two types of coils in the typical repair of your unit: the evaporator coil located in the front of the unit and the condenser coil found in the back of the unit. Both of these coils are essential to the unit continuing to run smoothly, but they can only function correctly if the coils remain clean and separated. A simple fin comb can be purchased to keep the coils separated, while a vacuum cleaner will keep the coils clean.

Cleaning the Insides

If the filter and coils are in a good state and do not look as though they need any additional repair, the problem may still be that the inside of the unit requires cleaning. To perform the additional window air conditioner repair, you will have to completely remove the outer housing of the unit. This can be a difficult task, and in some of the newer units, removing the outer housing is impossible unless you are a professional. However, once the outer housing is removed, you will be able to see a significant amount of dust around essential parts, such as the fan and possible build up around drain ports.

Professional Repair

Once you began to remove the outer housing of the window unit, you start to run the risk of injury through electric shocks. The best option is to perform simple preventative cleaning tasks of the filers and coils on a regular basis, and leave the more advanced tasks to professionals when it comes to window air conditioner repair.

With spring and summer temperatures on the rise, air conditioners begin the task of maintaining interior environments. Inevitably, hvac systems require repair or replacement. Avoid air conditioning scams by becoming an educated consumer.

Check the Warrantyair conditioning scams

Air conditioning appliances and systems of all makes and models carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Some consumers opt for purchasing extended warranties. Before hiring a repair company, check to see if the units warranty is current and what services it covers. The manufacturer often supplys consumers with a list of qualified hvac repair service companies.

Research the Repair Company

Some companies operating as air conditioning scams may advertise a quality Better Business Bureau rating. Double check by visiting the BBB website and find the particulars of the company. The BBB not only provides a letter grade rating, but additionally provides client complaints and resolutions in detail. Another option for researching the reputation of companies includes checking with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Telltale Signs of Air Conditioning Scams

Be sure that the company or contractor you’re interested in hiring has an actual physical address and visit the location if possible. Often times, dummy companies do not provide this information or use a phony address.

Even if explaining your A/C problem in depth over the phone, do not accept a quote for repair services. Qualified hvac repair professionals only offer an estimate after physically evaluating your appliance or the entire cooling system.

Protect yourself and your system from costly and perhaps unnecessary repairs by obtaining estimates from multiple contractors. Get written estimates from each company. Always read the fine print of the estimate or the repair contract.

Exercise caution when companies offer free air conditioner cleaning or free maintenance. These unnecessary services generally evolve into the discovery of faulty parts or units that scam artists offer at inflated prices.

Likewise, be wary of individuals offering to maintain units annually by adding coolant. Air conditioning units do not leak with normal use. If your air conditioner fails to cool efficiently, or you notice increased electricity usage, a qualified contractors has the necessary equipment for detecting leaks or other problems.

Use Common Sense

If a quoted price seems too good to be true, the services are more than likely offered by a less than reputable company.

Never pay for services upfront before any actual repair or maintenance work occurs.

Another favorite of air conditioning scams includes informing the home or business owner that their unit requires multiple replacement parts. If an older unit or system fails in providing adequate service, a reputable contractor generally advises replacement.

If you have any questions regarding air conditioning scams, please call us today!

ac condenser repairWant to avoid excessive AC condenser repair work? Start by choosing the right AC system. If you have an AC unit that isn’t the right size or offers enough BTU’s for the space it’s supposed to be cooling, your condenser is probably doing more work than it was designed to do. Choosing an air conditioning unit that has enough BTU’s for your room makes a difference whether you are looking to install a simple window unit or central air conditioning.

What Are BTUs?

Most people get confused when it comes to deciphering BTUs (British Thermal Units) and opt for a unit that looks like it might do the job. The BTUs you choose depend on how much space is being cooled. A 400-450 square foot area, for instance, needs approximately 10,000 BTUs of cooling capacity. Even a central system that is too small won’t properly cool a business or home. Turning up the controls only makes your condenser work harder to attempt to cool a space that it cannot realistically cool, which often translates to AC condenser repair.

Measure Your Room First

To get the right unit for the space you want cooled, you will need to measure the square footage of each room that needs to be cooled. If you are going with one unit for an entire home or business, you will need the total square footage for your home or business. If the space you are measuring isn’t a perfect rectangle or square, divide it into sections and combine the measurements.

Compare Energy Efficiency Ratings

The next step in choosing the right air conditioning unit is finding one that is both cost effective and energy efficient. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) indicates how much cool air is produced for each level of energy used by your unit. The higher the rating, the more efficient your system is at cooling the space it is supposed to be cooling. This means that AC condenser repair won’t become a recurring headache.

A final determining factor in cutting down on the need for AC condenser repair is climate. Your AC condenser will work harder if your AC has to run more often to maintain your desired interior temperature. There is nothing you can do about how hot it gets outside. However, a system or unit that is the right size for the space being cooled can save on AC condenser repairs by maximizing your AC’s efficiency.

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