HVAC Maintenance is Like an Insurance Policy

A commercial HVAC maintenance visit should improve the HVAC system’s reliability and reduce the need for future, possibly more expensive, HVAC repairs. It’s important to think of commercial HVAC maintenance as an insurance policy against the need for future charges or costs for climate control, heating or air conditioning. Just like with any insurance policy, it’s important to carefully record and document every HVAC maintenance visit whether or not it’s from a licensed HVAC maintenance company or not.

Work orders, invoices and records of any charges or complaints need to be carefully compiled and stored. Likewise, records of equipment failures should be noted and stored in the same place. Any HVAC repair is probably going to cost a lot more than regular HVAC maintenance, but records of the maintenance kept as it’s performed will be a big help when the next commercial HVAC repair is necessary. Everything will be less expensive and every task better performed.

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The more lax your HVAC maintenance has been, the more likely you are to need some form of commercial HVAC repair. Managing your budget means including enough to properly maintain the HVAC equipment, and this too is better justified with solid documentation.

Predicting the reliability of your entire HVAC system really depends on the quality of the records you can put together. How long has every component been in service? And what was the nature of the HVAC maintenance or HVAC repair calls that were made in the past?

A Commercial HVAC system’s life ultimately depends on the quality of HVAC maintenance and the ability to predict when further maintenance is necessary. Commercial HVAC repair experts can actually help you to determine the life spans and the expected reliability of the various components of your system, but they’ll give you a more accurate prediction when you have good records in order.

Commercial HVAC maintenance is scientific. It comes down to repeating controlled environmental factors and conditions. These really don’t differ so much that an experienced commercial HVAC repair company can’t give you a good picture of how reliable your system will be.

Remember! The need for an unplanned commercial HVAC repair during business hours can present a major problem for any business. HVAC repair can be intrusive, troublesome and expensive well beyond the cost of parts and labor. If you want to rely on the system your running now, start keeping records of everything you’re doing to it. Call us today at 646-783-2475 to schedule a HVAC maintenance consultation.