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Your commercial air conditioning units are probably protecting other, more visible systems. Unless you’re in the facilities management field, you probably think more about your data center cooling than you do about the commercial air conditioning units that keep everything cool and safe.

data center coolingAs any company grows, the need for all of these systems grows at the same time, and basic to all of them is the commercial air conditioning that protects and cools your data centers and a variety of systems that are critical to the operation of your business.

Having worked for both larger data centers and third-party hosting companies, we think it’s important for smaller companies with smaller maintenance budgets to learn from the bigger players. Even with skeleton contingency plans, an old server in a hot closet is probably not going to meet your data center cooling needs for more than a short time.

With copies of the same data saved across primary and back up servers, simple demand for more space for computing and data storage increases demand on your commercial air conditioning too.

Even as more storage moves into remote and cloud based storage, some kind of data center cooling will need to be be maintained on site. Commercial air conditioning repair can seem grossly inconvenient. It may test your contingency and back up systems, but any down time is likely going to stress not only your systems, but your staff and profits too.

In consulting with information officers and related technical staff, we’ve worked on a range of projects that have involved installing data center cooling solutions using existing commercial air conditioning units, both of onsite primary systems and contingency systems in remote locations. We’ve also worked to minimize the need for costly commercial air conditioning repair.

Maintaining support systems during power outages or natural disasters often takes precedence, at least in theory, over maintaining commercial air conditioning units. In some cases, technical staff need to be familiarized with the facilities staff taking care of contingency power, security and fire-protection systems as well as the commercial air conditioning units themselves. That’s something you might only learn during a contingency drill or testing period. If you are planning a commercial air conditioning repair in your primary work location, it might be a good time to plan for contingency testing and roll-over to a back up system.

Small and mid-size data centers with limited budgets and staff need to rely on data center cooling that’s well maintained and that won’t break down. The cost in over heating servers or data loss could be incalculable. Even interruptions while a commercial air conditioning repair takes place can be unduly expensive.

Identifying operating and maintenance issues prior to scheduled commercial air conditioning repair or downtime is vital and some smaller data centers will even schedule downtime to coincide with the repair. In every case though, it’s important to realize that your commercial air conditioning is just as vital as the data it’s protecting.

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