Don’t Panic When You Think You Need Heater Repair

We normally recommend that homeowners have their heating system serviced before the start of the heating season. However, if you have skipped this service, there is a greater chance you may need to call for a repair at some point. With cold weather soon heading to the New York City area, many homeowners will find that they need heater repair for various furnace issues. Don’t panic if you find yourself among these homeowners, many heater problems are easily resolved.

If you smell gas, you need to leave your house right away and call the local fire department or gas service provider from a safe location. For heaters that are making strange noises or tripping your circuit box, you should call for heater repair service right away. However, for some other problems such as reduced performance or failure to turn on, it is useful to check a few things out before calling for repair.

Reduced Performance

Many heater problems are caused by dirty or clogged air filters. A dirty filter reduces airflow to your heater and causes it to work harder to keep your home warm. Check your air filter, and replace if dirty. If this resolves your heating problem, then a heater repair may not be needed. If this does not resolve the problem, you may need to have the system’s burners adjusted by a service technician.

Your Heater Will Not Turn On

For a heater that is not turning on or blowing cold air, your first step should be to look at your thermostat. Many times, the thermostat could be set too low or be malfunctioning and preventing your furnace from starting up. If the thermostat is not the culprit, then you should call for heater repair. Your heater may need a repair or replacement of its pilot or ignition control system, which is a common repair.

Wear and Tear Repairs

Just like an automobile, your heater has moving parts such as blower fans and motors that experience wear and tear over time. If your system is regularly maintained, these parts are normally cleaned and lubricated. Without preventive maintenance, these parts will be more likely to produce more friction than normal, and cause them to fail sooner than if the system were regularly maintained.

What may originally start as a small inexpensive heater repair if fixed right away, can quickly grow into a more expensive one if ignored. If you know your system is in need of repair, do not put it off any further. Doing so may cause a dangerous situation that puts both your family and home at risk. Don’t panic, contact us for fast and reliable heater repair.