Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service 24/7

As you probably know, it gets hot in New York. Though only for part of the year, the hot months are the months when air conditioners that have sat there for the rest of the year suddenly decide to give up. That’s exactly when costly emergency air conditioning repair in NYC really begin. While emergency air conditioning repair can keep us busy month after month, residential customers with smaller cooling units in New York City apartment buildings – and private houses too – experience a whole different set of problems.emergency air conditioning repair 24-7

As one of very few companies offering 24 hour air conditioner repair in NYC, we can tell you; there’s almost no end to the stories, the emergencies and the demand. That’s only partly because New York City is so big. It’s also because New Yorkers don’t necessarily feel like they have time to do the little maintenance chores that make such service calls unnecessary, that keep houses cool, and that make air conditioners happy.

Air conditioning maintenance usually means changing the air filters, cleaning the air vents and making sure nothing is blocking the drain, or the fan.

While emergency air conditioning repair in NYC can seem like cold comfort, a regularly scheduled air conditioner service and maintenance plan is usually the far more affordable option. We’re happy to provide 24 hour air conditioning repair in all five boroughs. While we’re there we can also tell you about the maintenance and service program best for your machine, whether it involves us or not. That’s why our customers consider us the leading air conditioner maintenance company.

24 Hour Air Conditioner Repair

24 hour air conditioner repair is part of the quality service we’ve been providing since the company’s launch more than 20 years ago. With a radio dispatched fleet of service trucks, we send out factory trained technicians to provide 24 hour air conditioner repair with parts, filters, belts and anything you might need to keep your air conditioners running and your house cool.

Most of the emergency air conditioning repair calls we get are for larger and institutional clients whose businesses or services really depend on an HVAC system that’s in good running order. But we have also repaired window mounted units in the Bronx, central HVACs in Staten Island and everywhere in between. 24 hour air conditioning repair is not what every customer needs. We are more than happy to schedule a  time that’s right for your schedule.


Emergency HVAC Repair

Providing emergency air conditioning repair for businesses and institutions across the city, we’re uniquely qualified to handle the smaller projects, installations, repairs and fixes. For the 24 hour air conditioning repair or emergency service simply give us a call at 646-783-2475. We’ll be happy to get your air conditioner in peak condition and your house comfortable in no time.

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