Energy Efficiency Air Conditioner

Many air conditioner users don’t think of energy efficiency until that first summer electricity bill arrives. But energy efficiency, when practiced year round, could save you a couple of hundred dollars every month and that quickly adds up to significant savings on running your air conditioning any time.

Air conditioning will also, importantly, lower your home’s indoor humidity level, making it more comfortable no matter the outdoor or room temperature. Still, it’s probably not cost effective unless you live in a year round hot climate.

energy efficiency and your air conditionerWindow mounted air conditioning is far less costly than a central HVAC system but a smaller window mounted air conditioning system also won’t cool your entire home. An oversized air conditioner, one that’s simply too big for the room will probably bring the room temperature down too quickly, and severely reduce energy efficiency as the unit is turning on and off too frequently. It also won’t effectively reduce humidity so it’s not likely the room temperature will ever be consistently comfortable. Both of these factors add up to more expensive operating costs and decreased efficiency.

The dimensions of whatever area you want to cool are, therefore, as important as any consideration when choosing an air conditioning system. As a rule of thumb an air conditioner needs about 20 BTU per square foot being cooled. Check out this BTU calculator to help you determine the correct BTU for your home.You also need to consider the use of the room being cooled. Other heat producing appliances will require more cooling capacity and shady, plant friendly or basement environments require far less.

Ultimately the energy efficiency of the air conditioning unit needs to be the most important  factor whenever you’re selecting an air conditioner. High efficiency, and more expensive Energy Star appliances almost always cost less to operate than a cheaper unit. They’ll also provide a comfortable room temperature at the desired efficiency when installed correctly.

Energy Star

The Energy Star label provides information on the energy efficiency and the higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner. The Energy Star label also provides a chart to calculate the cost of running the air conditioning based on local rates and expected hours of use at an average room temperature.

Other than the real bargain basement models, nearly every new air conditioner from a reputable dealer will bear the Energy Star label. It’s recommended that you read it carefully before any purchase.

If you’d like to discuss a new air conditioning system or optimizing the system you’ve got, we’ll be happy to take your call and schedule a fast, information packed visit.

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