Furnace repair, check filters, wrap pipes – just a few things that may be on your “to-do” list before the chilly weather sets in. Fortunately, certified and professional HVAC technicians in NYC can help with your furnace or boiler issues and get you ready for the season. However, if it is determined during an inspection or service call that your furnace is unfit for use, it will disconnected from its power source until furnace repair or replacement occurs.

furnace repairThis means your furnace is being “red-tagged,” leaving you with an unexpected interruption in heating service. Cracks in the heat exchanger are the most typical cause that warrants a furnace being red tagged because this can cause gas leaks, fires, and even explosions. Now, you will have two options: furnace repair or replacement.

Furnace Repair vs. Furnace Replacement

Whether you have been red-tagged or not, you may be facing the same decision about whether to repair or replace your furnace due to old age or inefficiency and need guidance from a specialist. Once you select a professional HVAC technician in NYC to inspect your heating system, they will be able to offer you an expert opinion as to whether you should repair the unit or invest in a replacement furnace. Beyond age and efficiency, other considerations include:

Warranty Information – Units under manufacturers warranty will typically opt for repairs, and our team of certified HVAC technicians citywide can help you through the claims process and obtaining of parts.

Parts Availability – Depending on the age and model of your device, locating a new parts can be difficult and time consuming, particularly with older units.

Reliability and Repair History – If you have been needing furnace repair consistently the past few years, it may be time to give up that unit and invest in a new, energy-efficient furnace for your home or business.

After you have reached a decision, your HVAC professional will expertly install or repair your unit.

Prevent Costly Repairs with Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Furnace repair services are inevitable at some point, but what many homeowners do not realize is that preventive maintenance is the key to keeping their entire HVAC system operating optimally. Particularly with gas, electric, or induction furnaces safety and functionality are essential. Keeping up with regular preventive maintenance provides an HVAC professional in NYC the opportunity to spot potential problems before they inflate and cause major furnace issues that lead to red tagging and system failures.

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