Furnace Service: Scheduling your First Visit

Any change in the way your furnace is operating is likely a sign that you should call for furnace service. It doesn’t need to be expensive, and indeed, the earlier you call, the more you’re likely to save. You’ll also be running a safer, more fuel-friendly furnace, irrespective of whether it’s burning gas or oil, or if it’s in combination with a heat pump.

Older furnace units may need slightly more frequent furnace service, but in most cases you can keep them running, efficiently and effectively, for about 20 years.

Choosing an experienced heating service company to provide furnace service and getting all your questions answered up front is an important part of the process. A good heating company may well specialize in furnace installation, but they’ll also be able to provide references for the more routine furnace service visits.

Whenever possible, you’ll want to call during regular business hours and ask the prices of any 24 hour heating repair they may offer. You should see that the prices are considerably higher but it may give you peace of mind should a real emergency confront you on a cold winter night.

furnace serviceFurnace service is best scheduled prior to the main winter heating season, but most furnace service providers will schedule regular visits to change filters and to lubricate moving parts should you require them. They’ll also be able to provide a set price up front for returning. In the New York City area, there are lots of property owners who rely on us to provide just such regular furnace service and furnace inspection.

From predicting the life expectancy of many older models of furnaces to tuning-up burners and any moving parts, experienced HVAC technicians are prepared to go through the inspection point by point. They can then make recommendations for future heating service visits. Keeping your furnace operating efficiently depends as much on how you’re using it as on an inspection and regular tune up.

No doubt, your furnace service technician will be able to advise you on the manufacturers recommended settings. Perhaps more importantly, they can also show you the best thermostat settings, or install a modern one with settings to adjust the thermostat automatically throughout the day.

A new furnace installation may sound more daunting than regular furnace service. It should. But with the right HVAC service company at your side, and some idea of when your current unit may become obsolete, you can also better plan for the eventual replacement of your furnace.

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