Heating repair calls come in every day and we’re always happy to give advice over the phone or to pay you a service visit. Here’s some of the most important information you should know if you’re having trouble with your gas furnace.

Noisy Operation

Noise from your furnace can be caused by slipping blower belts or a shaft bearings; usually a high pitched or shrieking sound. Belts may need to be replaced and bearings need to be lubricated. A rumbling sound though less frequently a cause for heating repair we do sometimes hear lower pitched rumbling sounds caused either by a poorly adjusted pilot light or dirty gas burners. We recommend calling in either case, to have the pilot or the burners adjusted.

Not Enough Heatheating repair

Heating repair calls often enough come in with the simple complaint that there’s just not enough heat. This can be caused a dirty air filter, dirty burners or some kind of obstruction, especially at the vent leading into the furnace. Replacing your air filter can solve a lot of problems, as can checking to make sure nothing is obstructing any of the intake or outbound vents. Again, if you suspect your burners are dirty, you should call and a heating repair technician can adjust and clean them, usually the same day.

No Heat At All

This one can be a bigger issue, with many possible causes. Often it’s either the thermostat has stopped working or it’s set to low. There can also be problems with a circuit breaker or similar electrical malfunction, or the gas line is interrupted or closed. There can also be problems with electronic ignition systems, intermittent pilots or traditional pilot lights.

You want to first check the level to which your thermostat is set. If it’s set to an appropriate temperature you should try moving it up a few degrees. You may also want to clean the contacts on an older analog thermostat, but that won’t help much with newer models. Check the gas line, and for blown fuses or thrown circuit breakers. If you have a traditional standing pilot light and you know how to light it, you can check that, too. For other electrical or ignition problems we recommend calling for heating repair.

On and Off

If your furnace is going on and off too often it could be as simple as a dirty filter (check that first). It could also be as complex as a problem with the motor for the fan or, again, the thermostat. Fan motors can be lubricated, but in most cases we recommend a visit so that we can check the belt tension and lubricate the motor at the same time. We might also check your thermostat heat anticipator.

Always On

In most cases this is a problem with the fan and the fan control or with the thermostat. If you can’t switch the fan off from the thermostat, then most likely we’ll need to replace the entire unit. We’ll also investigate any other possible problems with the blower assembly.

These are among the most common heating repair complaints we hear about. Of course, we’ll be happy to discuss your own furnace, be it a gas or oil furnace or a heat pump.

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