Heating Repair Prevention. Cut Costs, Stay Warm.

heating repairHeating repair can puzzle even long-time homeowners at the worst time. It’s not something that many us think about until it’s too late. Then, often enough, the cost has tripled and the situation leads to discomfort or even a very dangerous situation especially during a freezing New York winter.

Knowing when you need to call for heating repair service is a good start, but even more important is knowing what regular maintenance and inspection can do to prevent emergency heating repair.

Heating repair prevention is in the interest of any who wants to cut costs and keep things warm, but an annual heating system inspection not only prevents the need for future heating repair service. It also gives you a chance to learn the specifics of your system, furnace or heater.

An annual inspection and tune-up by a heating repair service professional will keep your costs for heating repair to practically nothing. Call 646-783-2475 to schedule a heating service visit today.

The 5-10% you’ll see in energy savings should be enough to cover the minimal cost. Maximum efficiency means your heating system is running better year-round.

The other point of that annual furnace inspection is to prevent any small problems from blossoming into full-scale furnace problems that require more expensive heating repair. Those kinds of problems cost more and can even create dangerous or life-threatening situations when a heating repair service call is absolutely necessary.

One of the biggest problems that all heating repair service professionals face is simply that regular inspections and tune ups are not scheduled often enough!

Follow that up with all of the problems that result from not changing your furnace filters often enough (or ever) and you quickly see what the heating repair service business is like. A monthly change of your furnace filter will prevent all kinds of stress on your heating system. Those kinds of problems can include overworking your motor or ventilation system and simply burning more fuel to make up for the lost blowing capacity.

The movement of any air is going to also mean moving dust and that dust is going to collect somewhere. Better to try to keep as much as possible in a good filter. Motors and fans and all moving parts (especially if they’re lubricated) are the next best place for dust to collect. Such dust will quickly decrease the efficiency of your unit and could eventually lead to a complete system shut down.

Heating repair can quickly start to get expensive but you’ll want to call a heating repair service technician if you smell gas, or can’t get the pilot light going or for a good number of more serious situations. A good thorough inspection done at least once per year will actually minimize your long term costs and be a good chance for you to learn your system and how to keep it running at maximum efficiency for the long term.