Gas Furnace Maintenance for the Fall Season

gas furnace maintenanceYour gas furnace maintenance routine is something you need to get used to. Likewise, some heater maintenance tips can be just the trick to cut your heating costs and better heat your home. We’re hoping to provide here the heater maintenance tips and useful furnace maintenance tips so that your gas furnace or heater is in good shape before winter really kicks in.

These gas furnace maintenance procedures are simple and easy to understand but are too often taken for granted.

There are many more advanced adjustments that are best left to your gas furnace maintenance company. We’ll advise you should any of those come up. The entire procedure of these gas furnace maintenance tips won’t take more than 1 hour or so. Keep your service manual close for reference. Remember, we always recommend an annual gas furnace maintenance check up.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

These furnace maintenance tips may be the first step before calling for professional maintenanceand they’re not intended to replace regular professional furnace maintenance.

  • Switch off the main electric power to the furnace and familiarize yourself with the main components of the unit.
  • It’s important to steer clear of the burners and the pilot light of your furnace during visual inspection we’re going to describe here. The number and severity of problems that can result from misaligned burners and over-sized pilots are significant. All of them are serious and require professional service.
  • With the combustion chamber door off, turn the power back on and turn the thermostat up in order to get the burners to come on. Inspect the flames by checking that they burn even and blue in color. If they are more yellow than blue you’ll probably need to call in a professional to clean them.
  • You may also blow any dust from the area of the pilot light, when the gas is turned back off. Do not touch the pilot but use a directed blast of air, through a straw or a compressed air can. Be sure the gas is turned off.
  • With the power off again, you may run a vacuum cleaner to clean the blower assembly and clean the blades with a brush, however, you don’t want to partially clean it. Be as thorough as possible.
  • Replace the furnace filter. Inexpensive filters will protect the blower and blower motor and they should also help prevent the need for cleaning it. Gas furnace maintenance in older homes often means checking the belts in a belt-driven blower. These need to be inspected and replaced as needed,
  • You also need to check the dampers, the metal flaps that open and close ducts, and see that each moves freely and easily.

Heater Maintenance Tips

  • Heater maintenance tips are very similar to the furnace maintenance tips above except, of course, on a smaller scale. You need to follow the same safety precautions, particularly when it comes to gas burners and pilot lights.
  • The key to an efficient and safe gas heater is to inspect the flames, whether or not they are normally visible. You may need to disassemble the blower assembly for cleaning and inspection but remember, no list of heater maintenance tips will make up for a professional inspection and cleaning.
  • Lastly, just because a gas heater is smaller and less expensive to purchase and install doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from a good visual inspection and an annual or biennial inspection and service. We’re here to help! Call 646-783-2475.