commercial hvac repair visitWhether you’re in the restaurant business or own a retail store, your commercial HVAC equipment is essential to the comfort of your customers and employees. Commercial HVAC repair can be expensive, compromising your bottom line, and that’s why preventive maintenance on all of your HVAC equipment is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and within budget.

Tips to help prevent the need for commercial HVAC repair.

  • Have all of your HVAC equipment maintained annually by a qualified HVAC professional. Preventive maintenance on your air conditioner and furnace, as well as ice machines, refrigerators and freezers, will keep your equipment in tiptop shape, extend the life of each system and keep your operating costs lower by improving your equipment’s efficiency. When you buy a new unit, opt for a maintenance contract, which will save you money and keep your equipment in good shape.
  • When you purchase a new piece of equipment, read the manual. Doing so will help you understand how the equipment works and the maintenance tasks that should be performed by you on a regular basis. Knowing a little about the equipment in your business will help you communicate effectively with HVAC professionals in the event commercial HVAC repair is necessary.
  • When maintenance and repair is needed, choose a NATE-certified HVAC technician to do the job. NATE, or North American Technician Excellence, is a nonprofit certification organization that is supported by the entire HVAC industry. Technicians who are NATE-certified have passed rigorous tests to ensure a high level of skill and expertise. The callback rate for NATE-certified technicians is much lower than the callback rate for non-NATE certified professionals.
  • When you find an HVAC technician who does a good job for you, build a friendly relationship with him and consider him part of your business. This will make it easier to call for service, and will ensure that your technician becomes familiar with your equipment and your needs. A good relationship with your HVAC professional will make it easier for you to keep your equipment in good working condition.

Keeping your commercial HVAC repair bill to a minimum, as well as saving money on utility bills, is a matter of that ounce of prevention that comes from maintaining your HVAC equipment. If your commercial equipment hasn’t been tuned up for awhile, it’s time to make that call and reap the benefits.

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