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In New York City, portable air conditioners are as common as delis and rooftop water tanks. In fact, some people can’t imagine New York without a portable air conditioner quietly humming, dripping gently from every window and ledge.

There are fewer window mounted portable air conditioners than in the past. New York City has gone through enough boom and bust cycles that more modern buildings are built to stay. They get modern centralized air conditioning and HVAC systems more often than not and their windows almost all remain clear and unobstructed.

But luckily, NYC is also loaded with historical and older buildings that will never get air conditioning. They make the city interesting, exciting and even affordable in some cases. But if you find yourself in one of these apartments, the dog days of summer may be better spent after doing your own window mounted air conditioner installation. Here’s what you need to know about installing any air conditioning in a window.

Prior to purchase measure the room, rooms or apartment. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want 20 BTU’s of cooling capacity per square foot. If you plan on cooling the entire place, you’ll need a bigger portable air conditioner. In New York City, portable air conditioners of less than 36,000 BTU’s do not require a building permit.

Make sure the building management is going to be OK with a portable air conditioner. You may still need their permission, if not permission from the city.

Check that you have a solid grounded outlet near the window where you plan to install the portable air conditioner.

A window mounted air conditioner installation will require a good window with a solid few inches of wall and window framing on which to mount the portable air conditioner itself.

Window Mounted Air Conditioner Installation

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. A window mounted air conditioner installation will also require considerable physical strength, and perhaps some physical agility depending on the location and structure. Portable air conditioners are still not that portable.
  • Support the unit from underneath, and install it according to the directions provided. You may also fasten the air conditioner from inside with brackets. Most building maintenance teams will have an opinion about the supports if not about the whole window mounted air conditioner installation, so you may want to check with them.
  • Secure any leveling objects to prevent movement or vibration.
  • Be sure to either fix the window so that it can’t be opened or fix the air conditioner so that it is not dependent on the window. This is one of the most common causes of serious accidents with falling portable air conditioners.
  • Include a very slight angle to allow the unit to drain properly while running the air conditioning.
  • Be sure that the air conditioner is not blocking any fire escapes or outside walk ways. Keep the top of the unit free of any obstructions and don’t use it as a shelf.

It’s very important that your portable air conditioner is properly installed for serval reasons. The most important is safety! If you need help with your own air conditioning installation, just give us a call at 646-782-2475, we’re happy to help!

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