Beware of Air Duct Cleaning Ads

Air duct cleaning ads and circulars show up in the mail boxes of some of our best customers. Unfortunately these air duct cleaning scams are happening all across the country. Many of them make rather extravagant claims about the benefits of duct cleaning but the fact remains that most of the work and the expense is totally unnecessary.
air duct cleaning
Duct cleaning usually involves cleaning of the rigid and semi rigid vents and pipes that snake through the underside of your floors, in the walls or parts of the walls and through crawlspaces. The really dedicated duct cleaners will get both intake and outward flowing air ducts clean and clean your air conditioning coils and change your furnace filters.

This probably sounds pretty good. In fact, changing the air conditioning filters and the furnace filters is pretty important, but in combination with a lot of duct cleaning that probably isn’t necessary, it’s up to ten times more expensive than necessary.

Any central air conditioning or forced air system can be contaminated. Mildew and mold will occasionally start to grow where a plumbing leak or a water source from the air conditioner is leaking where it shouldn’t be. Identifying, repairing and drying such a leak will almost always solve the problem, and usually for almost every one.

People with allergies of any severity are usually the worst off. Only you can determine then, the severity of the need for cleaning, which depends really on the allergies suffered by the people frequenting the space, be it your home, building or work space.

People with more severe allergy problems, and depending on the specific allergen, may find homes with pets or the homes of smokers intolerable.These problems are actually more common than the scarier sounding molds and air borne contaminants. Air duct cleaning may spare some misery to those allergic to some of these more common irritants.

Some states will actually require that ducts be cleaned by a licensed professional duct cleaning company so broad have been the claims about the health benefits of air duct cleaning. Other than for allergies though, these health claims have not been proven.

If you or someone in your family really is suffering from allergies, either from pets, cigarette smoke or from mold, we’ll be happy to discuss an air duct cleaning that is thorough and that will eliminate any odors from the ducts or from your furnace or air conditioning. It will also remove irritants from your ducts at least temporarily. Changing the air conditioning filters and the furnace filters will often do as much good as a duct cleaning. But we do frequently perform or consult on air duct cleaning projects, usually as a result of water damage or a similar contamination.

Remember, furnace filters and cleaning a few other key spots around your ducts may be all the duct cleaning you need. They’ll likely put your system in good running order without the invasive nature and expense of a really complete duct cleaning.