Finding The Right Heating Contractor Is Easy Enough

heating contractorHeating contractors are plentiful enough, but finding the right heating contractor for you is another story. For that, it’s worth your time to do a little research and to know what to look out for. Some consumers are willing to do just a little more research simply because the amount of money they expect to put out is that much greater.

Although a New York City heating contractor can do a great deal of work, legally, without a license or insurance, it’s in your best interest to look for a contractor who has both! Better heating contractors also screen the employees they send out and pay attention to complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

But before you start scouring every heating contractor in the city, take a close look at your own system, learn the make and model, and write down everything you know about the history of the heating system.  All of that is going to help you to select the heating contractor best for that system.

Good heating contractors will provide you with a solid list of professional business references. Ask for them. And note the job that was done for each of them. Then, you’ve got to call a few of them, and confirm the job done. Don’t volunteer the information, but solicit it from the reference. That is, if the contractor says they did a duct cleaning, you tell the reference, “The contractor says he did a flame analysis, is that right?” Fake references will always be easy to spot if you position your questions correctly. Once you have the reference on the same page as you can then check about budget and overall satisfaction.

Narrow your list of heating contractors down based on the above. When you call some of them back, you should ask about a home heating system inspection. Heating and air conditioning contractors will need a chance to examine your system, including your home, and to check the duct system for leaks, your level of insulation and to measure airflow in and out of your system. They’ll review manufacturers’ specifications at the same time.

It is a very good time to get a lot of questions answered and to check your heating contractors’ credentials and documents.

Remember, Energy Star qualified appliances need to meet more strict energy efficiency guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In general, they’re going to offer bigger  long-term savings on fuel use and consumption. And good heating and air conditioning contractors will be able to estimate some of those savings based on the heating and cooling system you’re using and your the appliances you’re having repaired, inspected or upgraded.

That may be secondary to the written, itemized estimates for the job, but it’s just as important. Make sure you ask for as much detail as possible in the itemization. It’s not simply not a fair comparison if you are basing it solely on price. When comparing two heating contractors’ bids, you need to be able to see clearly the cost, energy efficiency and any warranties that may be included.

Heating and air conditioning contractors will require you to sign a written contract. That’s why they’re called Contractors after all. That contract will protect both of you by spelling out expected costs, times and warranty information, so get your questions answered before you sign it.

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