When the furnace fails to provide the warmth you need, everything else stops until you address the heating repair. Problems range from easy to complex. Homeowners can handle some issues. Others are better left to the professionals.


A good maintenance program helps to prevent the inconvenience and cost of a heating repair. Regular filter changes prevent problems. A system with a clean filter operates more efficiently.

The HVAC unit circulates the air in your home through cycles. The dust in the air becomes trapped in the system. The filter catches most of the debris; however, some of it gets trapped in the blower. The combination of a clogged filter and blower causes poor heating. heating repair in new yorkThe symptom is weak, slow air at the vent.

Avoid calling for a heating repair by vacuuming the system before the weather turns cold. To avoid injury, turn the power off at the breaker and leave it off until after replacing the cover. Use a utility vacuum with a long hose to clean the unit. Put the cover back in place and screw it down. Turn the breaker on.

System Fails to Power on

We love to serve our customers; however, there are some things you can check before calling us. You may discover a simple fix and save some money. Start by checking the thermostat. Is the temperature called for three degrees higher than the actual temperature? Now check to see that the switch is set to “heat.” Look at the fan switch; it should be on “auto.” It is common for a heating repair technician to “fix” the problem at this stage of the service call.

If everything is as it should be, the next stop is the breaker-box. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse if necessary. This should allow the unit to operate. The breaker is the modern alternative to the fuse. Both are for safety. When a circuit draws too much amperage, the safety activates by breaking the circuit. This prevents fires and further damage to the system.

Observe the functionality of the unit after resetting the breaker. If the circuit breaks again, diagnosing the problem is more complicated. A technician will check the same things you did. Tell him about the blown fuse or breaker. He will isolate the problem by following a step-by-step procedure until finding the failed component.

Get ready for the cold weather by checking your unit. There is less pressure before Jack Frost arrives; maintenance is easy. If you need us, we are available to help with your heating repair.

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