window air conditioner repairDespite their smaller size, window air conditioner units are designed to last for years. However, certain window air conditioner repair issues may prevent the unit from running at its best. Before spending the money to have your unit replaced, consider the following common window air conditioner repair concerns.

Cleaning the Filter

One of the most important aspects of keeping your window air conditioner repair up to date is making sure that your filter is cleaned on a regular basis. Though this is a simple step, many consumers forget to perform this task, which can result in dirt and dust build-up in the filter. Most filters are found when you open the front grille of the unit. Smaller units may feature a filter that slides out from the side of the unit. After removing the filter, replace or rinse the filter if the type of filer allows it. Replacing or cleaning will drastically improve the performance of the unit.

Maintaining the Coils

You are concerned with two types of coils in the typical repair of your unit: the evaporator coil located in the front of the unit and the condenser coil found in the back of the unit. Both of these coils are essential to the unit continuing to run smoothly, but they can only function correctly if the coils remain clean and separated. A simple fin comb can be purchased to keep the coils separated, while a vacuum cleaner will keep the coils clean.

Cleaning the Insides

If the filter and coils are in a good state and do not look as though they need any additional repair, the problem may still be that the inside of the unit requires cleaning. To perform the additional window air conditioner repair, you will have to completely remove the outer housing of the unit. This can be a difficult task, and in some of the newer units, removing the outer housing is impossible unless you are a professional. However, once the outer housing is removed, you will be able to see a significant amount of dust around essential parts, such as the fan and possible build up around drain ports.

Professional Repair

Once you began to remove the outer housing of the window unit, you start to run the risk of injury through electric shocks. The best option is to perform simple preventative cleaning tasks of the filers and coils on a regular basis, and leave the more advanced tasks to professionals when it comes to window air conditioner repair.

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